We do development differently.

We offer and combine complimentary services in digital innovation, strategic advisory and creative services to design and implement comprehensive solutions to our clients’ needs.

Working with Høst differs from a traditional consulting engagement.

    We take a step back before we step forward.

    During kickoff we take time to ensure that the project that clients are proposing to do, is really the project that will satisfy their goals. On occassion this review results in an adjustment to the scope of work that will lead to a better goal-aligned outcome.

    Rather than work for you, we work with you

    At the outset we put in place methods of collaboration that allows us to build one team. Actively involving clients in all stages of an engagement ensures outcomes that are fit-for-purpose and builds a team that can implement and develop the project themselves after we are gone.

    Test, review, iterate

    We embrace design thinking processes and make it our mission to teach you to integrate rapid iteration and the concept of “failing forward” into your everyday.

    We help you think beyond the parameters of the current task

    For all our clients, as we are nearing that completion of our contracted scope of work, we help you think towards the future to what else you might be doing to improve your impact.

We are knowledge hunters looking to understand both the bigger picture and nuance.