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At Høst Creative, we pride ourselves in being flexible, proactive and having a growth mindset. We don't like to waffle about endlessly hypothesizing. Here, you’ll find a work environment where you will be trusted and encouraged to explore your passions through your work and take ownership of your ideas, even if you don’t have all the answers right away.

Your team will be there to support, brainstorm, challenge, inspire and have a little fun with you along the way. Ready to join the team?

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Where is Høst Creative’s HQ?

At Høst Creative, we operate as one global office. The majority of our team is based in Washington D.C., but we also have presence in New York City, Madrid, Spain, and Aukland, New Zealand. Høst Creatives are not defined by their location: We work across time zones and can be based anywhere as we work on projects across the globe, according to our areas of expertise. There’s always someone available to give you a hand or respond to clients’ needs.

Do you work with freelancers or contractors?

As a multidisciplinary team that works with clients in diverse sectors and countries, we’re always looking to expand our network of collaborators and are happy to work with all sorts of freelancers. Think we could work together? Get in touch.