Technology Director

Høst is looking for a full-time developer to help us build digital products for our clients and partners. We work often with organizations in the international development sector (our clients have included the World Bank, United Nations, and the European Union). We're a versatile team of experts with broad experience and capabilities, and we're always looking for new challenges.

Role & responsibilities:

  • You'll provide hands-on, senior-level leadership on our product development work.
  • You'll mentor and direct other developers on our team.
  • You'll develop robust, testable, scalable technical solutions, using industry best practices.
  • You'll develop, maintain and update software regularly to address customer and company concerns.
  • You'll work with our design team in a close partnership, building fast, reliable, secure, accessible user experiences and design systems. We believe a design is not "complete" until it is realized in code, and, in turn, we believe developers are an integral part of the creative team.

You're good at:

  • Communicating. You can explain technical concepts clearly and concisely, without resorting to jargon. You enjoy writing and talking about your ideas. You're a good teacher, and an even better listener. You love exploring the possibilities with a roomful of clients and colleagues.
  • Managing complex workflows. You have deep (ideally 8 or more years) experience delivering websites and applications. You know how to lead a team to solve complicated problems on a budget and a timeline. You know what works for you, and you have strong opinions about agile methodologies, version control, user stories, and QA.
  • Architecture and technology stacks. You have expertise in (and strong opinions about) server-side architecture, management, and security. You know languages and toolsets such as Node, Elixir, Python, or Ruby, and you're comfortable working with databases, APIs, CDNs, and making decisions that balance priorities for security, speed, and reliability. You know how to make good choices without getting lost in the bike shed; how to avoid technical debt; when to stick with the proven and when to take a risk on a something different.
  • Quality and testing. You care about details because they matter. Your code – and the code of your team – is readable, elegant, and stylistically correct. You follow industry best practices and advocate for them. You care deeply about the experience of users with disabilities, low bandwidth, slower devices, or limited access.
  • Web standards. You have an expert grasp of HTML and CSS, and you advocate for semantic markup, accessibility, progressive enhancement, and responsive web design principles.
  • Javascript. You know how to write clear, concise, fast, vanilla Javascript and you are quick to preach the virtues (or condemn the failures) of modern techniques like destructuring, tagged literals, or decorators. You're also familiar with one or more frameworks (React, Vue, Svelte, etc.) but you're not a partisan of one; you believe in using the right tool for the job.

Bonus points:

  • You've got a deep history of open-source contributions and a portfolio of personal projects and experiments.
  • You have an interest (or experience with) native app development.
  • You've experimented with voice and audio interfaces, such as chatbots, Alexa skills, etc.
  • You're hardware-curious: your garage has a Raspberry Pi or two and a drawer full of sensors.

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