Business Analyst / Consultant

Washington, D.C., Spain, or New Zealand


We are looking for a full-time Business Strategist to help us scale our advisory work. We are in the process of developing and launching two new products along side our traditional advisory work and need a full time person dedicated to executing on client projects, and contribute to scaling our practices. Our work and products focus on sustainability, international development and social impact.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • You will be part of our Business Strategy team and assist with Data Advisory team on select projects.
  • Working with our Strategy Director and CEO, you will be the face to our clients and be the main point of contact on strategy work. 
  • You will be helping clients develop blueprints, research studies, business plans, implementation plans, strategy documents related to sustainability and social impact.
  • We are expanding to offer services to impact driven, private sector clients, and you will help formalize our approaches in this transition.
  • You will help us systematize our consulting methods into frameworks to be able to scale our solutions as we onboard more team members.
  • Høst team is small and mostly remote, but you’ll work continuously with partner organizations and clients in various sectors and (often) time zones.
  • Manage workflows, set timelines, consult on budgets, and present work to clients and partners.

*As part of your onboarding, you may be assigned to work on web and interactive projects to learn more about our project / product management approaches.

You're good at...

Managing clients and partners

  • You have experience managing client relationships from a design perspective and defending design choices, making recommendations
  • You feel comfortable directing other team members and resolving questions that come up during the advisory projects.
  • You can manage your time well and find the right balance between quality and speed to deliver the right solution for the situation.
  • You take careful notes and manage tasks and document your work carefully so that others can support and help you work as a team.


  • You are able to listen to clients and unpack problems and develop hypotheses on how to best solve a problem.
  • You prioritize simple solutions and approaches to complex problems and thrive in ambiguity
  • You have a base understanding of technology solutions and how web systems work to be able to recommend solutions that can then be implemented by Product Managers and teams
  • You are rational in your problem solving approach and able to document your thinking and brainstorm with other team members


  • You are able to facilitate workshops and research studies to uncover user needs that will form the basis of your design work
  • You have experience designing interviews, focus groups, and workshops and have a toolkit of techniques to uncover user needs.

You are familiar with the following tools...

We use a variety of tools in our day to day work, however these are important for us and we want a team member who can push us make the most of these tools:


Design & Research

While your role will not be that of a designer, we will expect that you are able to design clean Slide Presentations, and keep your deliverables clean and aligned to our brand. You will be supported by designers for more complex design work.



Absolute requirements:

  • Minimum five years experience post degree
  • Experience working with large design systems
  • Fluent English speaker (Degree completed in English, or C1 and above)


  • Experience working in large organizations
  • Experience working with international clients
  • Interest or background in Social Impact or Sustainability
  • Speak an additional language 


  • Submit your resume and highlight two projects you worked on: one where you led a project from start to finish, and one where you worked as a part of a larger team. In the interview we will dive in to understand your approach to managing clients, and also your role working as part of a team to develop a cohesive strategy.
  • We will share with interview candidates our 2 year strategy to discuss at the interview.
  • In lieu of a cover letter, please write a short paragraph (no more than 6-10 sentences) about a social impact or sustainability cause that you are passionate about. 

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