Thoughtful work. Serious play.

Høst Creative is a global business design consulting group that collaborates with public and private sector clients to design more practical, more efficient and fresher solutions for a sustainable future.

    How we see the world

    • We are convinced that social and environmental progress in the twenty-first century requires us to be continually asking questions and rethinking development problems.

    • We offer an integrated set of strategic, digital, and creative services, supported by a suite of in-house data management products - Starling, Cygnus, and Magpie.

    • We combine our deep and broad technical knowledge with a curious spirit, critical thinking, and commitment to true collaboration.

    • We recognize the power of brand and voice and consider the role these play in all we do.

    • We don’t do work we don’t find fun and we don’t do work with those whose vision does not align to ours.

Why Høst

Since 2013

We began operating in 2013 in Washington DC and have grown globally since with staff now in Europe and New Zealand as well as DC.

Diverse team

We are majority women, come from all over the globe and speak several languages. We think the best ideas come from diverse backgrounds.

35+ countries

Our team has worked in over 35 countries and has seen first hand the contribution of our work to support the Sustainable Development Goals.

250+ projects

For a decade, we have helped some of the world’s most recognizable organizations build and launch products time and time again.

Large scale projects

We are no strangers to large, mission-critical assignments and have experience managing global, multi-year projects of any size.

Consistent impact

Our work has gone on to help organizations turn products into multi-million dollar, socially focused initiatives and organizations.
Our values

Curious Souls. Playful Thinkers.

We are knowledge hunters committed to constantly feeding our curiosity. We are not afraid to learn new skills, and dig deeper into our clients’ subjects to ensure substance to our work.


We are critical thinkers that put humans at the heart of our work. Our best insights come from bridging analytical rigour with empathy.

Expertise in action

We don’t just look to serve our clients’ bottom lines. We strive to make meaningful change for people and our planet through actionable answers.

Better together

Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration. We listen and integrate diverse voices throughout our working processes. Because the sum of different perspectives leads to more comprehensive solutions.

Explore our curiosities

We’re avid seekers of knowledge, driven by an insatiable curiosity. That's why we introduced an internal initiative known as Curiology. This program serves as a catalyst for nurturing curiosity within our entire team.

Ready to join our team and make lasting change?