We are exploratory thinkers, innovating to create a more sustainable world.

Our ecosystem of data management products bring together our capabilities as a business design group. Improve data tracking and analysis to make better decisions around sustainability commitments.

Innovation is taking experiences and research to create valuable ideas

    Our advisory work takes us around the world. We often take on big problems with clients leading positive change across many different sectors, identifying trends and lessons learned that can could help us evolve ideas over time. We ideate and iterate on new concepts until we land on an idea that has the potential to be game changing.

    For those ideas that show promise, we quickly:

    • Iterate on them to validate the need with our clients and external experts,
    • Concept what the solution would look like and how it would work
    • Assign team members to work upto 50% of their time on these prototypes
    • Test ideas, growing those that show potential, and discontinuing those that for whatever reason, do not show promise.
    Prototypes enter a growth phase when we identify pilot partner(s) willing to test our ideas and technologies with us. We believe in building products with clients and understanding how our solutions will be used in real world environments. We test technology, user journeys, service and business models, and invest our own resources to continually test, test and test our solutions for scale.
    If an idea successfully completes our growth process and we can reasonably demonstrate our “what if” hypothesis can be answered by our solution, we create a new company and commit capital to scale, recruit and deliver on the promise of our new solution. The new company remains a subsidiary of Høst until after it reaches defined milestones and it then transforms into its own, standalone organization solving important global challenges.