Cygnus is an end-to-end ESG data tracking service composed of a data collection, storage and visualization platform, complemented by strategic advisory on ESG metrics and storytelling and content services.


Strong ESG data tracking and reporting for sustainable investments


    Get guidance from our strategic advisors on which ESG frameworks and metrics are appropriate for your industry and strategy.


    Measure your ESG impact through our data collection, storage and visualization platform.


    Interpret your ESG performance results and define ways to take action, capitalizing on opportunities and managing risks.


    Share your results and ESG stories with audiences of interest in compelling ways with recommendations ≠and productions from our communication and design specialists.

Why Cygnus?

  • Cost, time and human resources effective solution
  • ESG expert support to help you navigate regulations and metrics
  • End-to-end approach
  • User-centered data platform
  • ESG brand and storytelling services