Starling enables remote data sensing that doesn’t rely on local power or internet access to collect real-time, localized information and can be applied to different environments. With Starling, our clients monitor, interpret and share data to make better informed decisions.


Better informed decisions with real-time, remote data

    Place a pod unit in your chosen environment that collects data through a set of sensors tailored to your information needs.
    First Sync
    Keep busy while...the pod unit transmits data first to a gateway, which then aggregates and passes it on to a satellite (or cellular network).
    Local Connection
    Data packages are then transferred at timed intervals to a satellite modem on your chosen environment’s roof (For instance, a factory’s roof).
    Remote Connection
    The modem in turn, transmits the data through the Iridium Satellite network and an Iridium Downlink, to the cloud-based web servers.
    Access and visualize the real-time, downloaded data through a user-friendly platform to get actionable insights.

Why Starling

  • Remote, real-time data monitoring.
  • Non-dependent on local power sources.
  • Different industry applications.
  • Cost-effective offer.
  • User-centered platform.

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