Putting data at the heart of decision making.

Knowledge is power. When accessible, it helps changemakers navigate uncertain contexts and make informed responses, strategies, investments and policies for the benefit of their organizations and people around the world.

Through our consulting work we saw over and over again situations where the inability to access the right data limited good decision making. We thus developed our own powerful suite of data-driven tools to help our clients gather relevant information and take action with more confidence.

Useful data applied to development: That is our digital innovations’ focus.


    In a world where meeting environmental, social and governance standards is not only good for business, but increasingly mandatory, we are determined to help organizations track and communicate their commitment to a sustainable world. Cygnus by Høst is an end-to-end ESG data tracking service composed of a data collection, storage and visualization platform, complemented by strategic advisory on ESG metrics.

    Cygnus ESG website


      In order to make effective natural disaster responses, improvements in labor conditions and investments in different sectors, decision makers need access to accurate, localized, real-time data. We developed Starling, a remote data sensing technology that doesn’t rely on local power or internet access to collect real-time, localized information and can be applied to different environments.


        We developed a mobile application that integrated research-grade patient-generated health data into clinical care and research. We collected Patient-generated health data through validated physical and psychosocial measures and integrated into clinical workflow, allowing providers to review summary reports prior to patient appointments. The free app empowered patients to easily track their symptoms, medications, and psychosocial wellness to inform their care team, improve their treatment, and accelerate research.