Legal Anti-fraud & corruption policy

Anti-fraud & corruption policy

Our Compliance and Business Conduct policies are foundational to how we do business and how we put our values into practice every day.

At Høst, our commitment to integrity is the cornerstone of everything we do. This Anti-Fraud & Corruption Policy is a testament to our dedication to ethical business practices and legal compliance. It is a reflection of our values in action, underscoring our belief that the manner in which we conduct our business is just as pivotal to our success as the services we provide to our clients.

Our ethos

We navigate the complexities of international consulting with a moral compass that guides us towards transparency, honesty, and fairness. This policy extends to every employee, contractor, and business partner associated with Høst, reinforcing our collective responsibility to uphold these standards.

Our promise

Høst unequivocally prohibits any form of fraud, bribery, or corruption. We reject the notion of gaining advantage through unethical means. Whether it involves offering or accepting inducements, our stance is clear: we do not engage in practices that compromise our integrity or our mission to deliver unparalleled consulting services.

Reporting fraud

Leadership’s Role

Our leaders champion this policy, ensuring its principles are woven into the fabric of our operations. They are tasked with providing the necessary resources and oversight to foster an environment where ethical conduct is the norm.

Everyone’s Duty

It falls upon all of us at Høst to embody these principles. We are all guardians of our reputation and are expected to act in accordance with this policy, ensuring our actions reflect our commitment to doing business the right way.

Speaking Up

Høst promotes a culture of openness and accountability. We empower our people to voice concerns about any potential breaches of this policy, assuring them that they can do so without fear of reprisal.


, we safeguard the confidentiality and protection of those who stand up for our values, and we’re s committed to protecting those who report concerns in good faith from any form of retaliation or harassment.

Continuous Improvement

This policy is not static. It will evolve alongside our company and the legal and ethical landscapes in which we operate, ensuring that Høst remains at the forefront of ethical business practices.


Our Anti-Fraud & Corruption Policy is more than a set of guidelines; it is a reflection of our identity. At Høst, we take pride in our ethical approach to business, recognizing that our success is not just measured by the outcomes we achieve, but by the integrity of the journey we take to get there. Together, we can ensure that our work continues to be a force for good, underpinned by the highest standards of honesty and compliance.