GFDRR reports

Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery

GFDRR reports

The Global Assessment Report (GAR) is a comprehensive review and analysis of disaster risk and risk management. It is published every two years. GAR15, launched in March 2015, looked at how to make development sustainable at the closure of the Hyogo Framework for Action and aims to be a powerful tool as the world works to implement the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction through to 2030. GFDRR is one of the contributors to GAR and was looking to publish its own contributions to GAR across its four primary pillars: Understanding Risk, Financial Protection, Resilient Recovery, and Social Protection.

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A more sustainable solution

We've provided design, layout, and editing services to a number of GFDRR's publications, often in time-constrained situations. We designed and implemented a system using a modified version of HTML and Markdown that allows authors and editors to work on written content online, in tandem with our graphic design process.

By resolving underlying content management and workflow issues, we were able to focus on understanding GFDRR's positioning and communications objectives creating the brand guidelines and framework to be used across various GFDRR reports.

Our system and workflow proved so efficient that it drastically reduced the time needed to produce new reports. The design language we developed for the reports was used subsequently in GFDRR’s own branding for three years.

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