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Global Partnership on Output-Based Aid

The cover of the online version of the 2015 annual report

We designed and delivered the first fully digital annual report for GPOBA, developed in collaboration with their Knowledge Management Team. We also produced — in parallel — a printed version of the report. Both versions included dynamically generated graphs using SVG, a web-native graphics format that translates seamlessly across mobile, desktop, and print contexts. This allowed us to automatically (and very quickly) generate data visualization from raw data.

The entire workflow for editing was managed through Git, a version control system and authoring environment that allowed for a single source of truth for content in both web and print contexts.

Spreads from the printed version of the annual report.

From the specific to the bigger picture

The annual reports were so successful that GPOBA asked us to work with them on brand positioning and strategy using the insights we'd gathered during our design process. The organization was looking to reposition itself in the development finance sector as a center of expertise, align its communication strategy around a cohesive identity, and create an engagement plan for target audiences. We mapped out their needs and identified stakeholders, while conducting workshops and exercises to identify gaps in internal and external communication. We discovered that, internally, staff were not consistent in communicating the value of GPOBA.

To address this gap, we developed a styleguide to help train staff and external GPOBA champions on how to talk about the organization. We placed a significant emphasis on storytelling in GPOBA’s communications: telling the "story" of GPOBA for donor agencies who needed to showcase the organisation’s value to their governing bodies.

We developed an extensive brand styleguide to help GPOBA's team and partners communicate consistently.

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