Work IAIG repositioning and communications

Positioning an internal independent audit group

Strengthening IAIG’s brand identity to instill internal trust and positive perceptions for the unit, leading to more success in their role of protecting UNOPS.

IAIG repositioning and communications

How can we challenge internal perceptions and demonstrate IAIG’s contributions to UNOPS by repositioning the internal branding?


The Internal Audit and Investigations Group (IAIG) provides UNOPS with independent and impartial assurance, advice, and consulting services to protect the integrity of the organization. However, while the unit was responsible for protecting UNOPS, it suffered from internal mistrust.


Develop an identity

that shows that IAIG protects the interests of all UNOPS stakeholders.

Highlight the independence

of IAIG as it relates to UNOPS.

Improve communications

to show transparent, consistent, and ethical practices.
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How did we work through the challenge?

Research and design thinking approach

We began with a comprehensive document review of public and confidential information shared by the IAIG team, and then filled in knowledge gaps and questions through a series of interviews with three IAIG managers, three UNOPS partners, and individuals from an external audit and investigations team at another development organization. We also reviewed the positioning of private sector assurance groups. Based on our initial findings and interviews, we designed two workshops, one held in New York City, and the other in Copenhagen. These allowed us to develop a comprehensive stakeholder journey map in which we identified points for improving communications with different stakeholders.

Brand strategy

Based on our conclusions from the research phase, we determined the best solution to help IAIG communicate its added value and mission to the group was to develop a new brand identity. By having its own brand identity, IAIG would be able to keep its impartial auditing nature, increase recognition and clarity about its value proposition, while still linking itself to UNOPS.

Visual branding and creative communication assets

Our resulting work was an unified identity built on the theme of “Integrity and Trust” that drove the development of a new logo and color scheme for their print and digital branding, as well as a digital style guide and brand guidelines to support them in applying this new identity across all facets of their work, from visual branding to tone and voice of written materials. We also developed examples of social media posts they could publish that would reinforce their positioning.

What were the outcomes?

All the materials were approved and uploaded digitally into our BrandKit solution, a personalized platform in which we host all of our clients’ brand assets along with their explanations and guidelines to ensure alignment. In the next phase of work, we expect to support UNOPS in applying this work to their internal and external websites.
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