IDRA Branding

Launching the International Drought Resilience Alliance


Background & objectives

At the initiative of Spain and Senegal, leaders from over 25 countries and 20 organizations launched the International Drought Resilience Alliance (IDRA) at the COP 27, in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. The purpose of IDRA is to help countries better prepare for future drought. We partnered with the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) to help them launch IDRA at COP 27 and give them engaging tools to rally support for the alliance. The main objectives of the engagement were to:
  1. Encourage partners

    to pledge and participate in IDRA’s launch and efforts.
  2. Inspire action and commitment

    by designing a brand that appeals to world leaders
  3. Launch the alliance

    by developing their communications channels and mediums (website, social media etc).

How can we excite world leaders to join IDRA during its launch at COP 27?

What was the big project question?

How did we work through the challenge?

To provide a solution in response to IDRA’s objectives, we organised key messages, developed a brand identity anchored in strong storytelling and produced a website and assets to launch IDRA. This work was completed in three weeks, to meet the tight timelines imposed by the launch deadline.

Key messages and visual concept development

After reviewing IDRA’s communication plan, our team defined the key concepts necessary to reflect in the visual identity of IDRA, highlighting in particular the need for an optimistic tone. Focusing on the idea of joining forces, collaboration, and the path to drought resilience, we prepared and presented UNCCD two different visual concept routes that allowed IDRA to tell its story:

  1. The signature: A symbol of promise and an internationally recognized act of commitment. Our designers took the essence of the concept of a signature and brought that energy into the “A” in Alliance, capitalizing on the dynamic and meaningful act of signing.
  2. The cycle of recovery: This idea was represented by a circle with a gradient that transitioned from orange to green in order to represent the transition from drought emergencies to drought resilience.

UNCCD liked elements of both concepts, so we combined these elements into one single visual route to tell one even stronger narrative: We focused on the signature as the key visual of the identity, and added the gradient to show the path to drought resilience.

Production of website and assets

IDRA needed its own web presence to drive action, establish credibility at COP 27 and beyond, and to showcase short-term accomplishments. We brought to life this web page, highlighting supporting partners, key objectives of the alliance, as well as other key messages to emphasize upon launch.

In parallel, UNCCD identified the key communications materials needed to launch the IDRA alliance at COP 27. Our designers then worked on applying the visual identity to all these assets, which included different templates and graphics for social media.

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