Centralising knowledge for better early childhood development

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Background & Objectives

UNICEF identified that Pacific government policy makers, regional development organizations, researchers, and students needed relevant country and regional ECD data and information on existing policies to inform the development of reports, reforms and new policies around early childhood development. UNICEF asked us to help them think through how to bring together regional knowledge on ECD on behalf of the Pacific Regional Council for Early Childhood Development.
  1. Design and build

    an effective platform for knowledge-sharing and advocacy for early childhood development in the Pacific island countries.

How can we help policymakers in the Pacific island countries better access and apply existing knowledge on early childhood development to make better decisions for the future?

What was the big project question?

How did we work through the challenge?

Content Model, User Experience and Front End Development

After a thorough review of the region’s existing ECD knowledge and databases, we defined user needs and predicted workflows for the platform’s audience. We designed wireframes and mockups for each piece of content to be included in the platform, and after design consultations with UNICEF, set up the system. This included setting up cloud hosting and other relevant accounts for the platform. After developing the platform, we helped and trained the UNICEF team in uploading content, and managing the platform to ensure security and backup.

Visual Branding

In parallel to the technical development of the platform, we defined its brand elements to ensure its identity was reflective of the Pacific Regional Council for ECD and served to connect them with their key audiences. We held user workshops and audited similar initiatives’ visual identity to inspire the platform’s visual branding. With those insights, we defined the platform’s logo, colors, fonts, naming, among others branding assets.

What were the outcomes?

We designed, produced and helped launch a knowledge platform that is functional, user-friendly and visually appealing, and managed to organize advocacy and technical content to raise the profile of the Pacific Regional Council for ECD and the work of its partners.