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In 2016, several of our team members experienced the harsh reality of caring for someone facing a cancer diagnosis. In an effort to help patients manage their treatment, we developed a prototype product to track physical and psychosocial symptoms.

We took time from our client work to learn about the patient and medical team experience in both Argentina and in the US, developing workshops, design sessions, spending time with patients, medical professionals, caregivers and others to design an application that not only was easy to use, but learned from the user and could identify adverse trends before they became a more serious issue.

We launched a free mobile app on both the iOS App Store and Google Store. In addition, we designed a provider portal to aggregate data and provide insights and alerts for medical teams regarding a patient's wellbeing.

A new way to track and manage cancer treatment


Tela was developed originally as a native mobile application allowing patients to track their own symptom data. As we developed the beta version of the application, we realized that the data patients were generating was extremely helpful to their care teams, and we began working on a web application aimed at providers which would allow patients to share their data with members of their care team. We spoke to a number of hospitals and cancer centers to research the idea and develop interest in a pilot program.

We developed the native app over a number of iterations, refining the user experience and visual design. As the app developed and its user base grew, so too did the brand. In 2018 we began a branding process where we developed a concept around metaphors of "fabric" and "thread" ("Tela" means "fabric" in Spanish and Latin) which then informed our design language and component library. We launched a new iteration of the mobile app, with the new branding, alongside our design for the care team-oriented web application.

In addition to the mobile app, we developed a web-based interface that would allow providers to see critical data about their patients.


Tela integrated research-grade patient-generated health data into clinical care and research. Patient-generated health data was collected through validated physical and psychosocial measures and integrated into clinical workflow, allowing providers to review summary reports prior to patient appointments. The free app empowered patients to easily track their symptoms, medications, and psychosocial wellness to inform their care team, improve their treatment, and accelerate research.

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