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Developing a unified brand to represent Western Balkan reform efforts towards European integration

The government of Norway and UNOPS launched the Knowledge for Reform Action (K4RA) program to increase the capacity of Western Balkan countries EU integration. We partnered with UNOPS to develop a brandkit and style guide for the program, to reflect a unified commitment to align national agendas with EU recommendations.



How do we create a brand that reflects collaboration among 6 Balkan countries, the government of Norway and the United Nations and their shared commitment toward European integration?


Knowledge for Reform Action (K4RA) is a 5-year program funded by the government of Norway to assist government institutions across Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia as they pursue EU integration and engage in reform processes. The program needed to create a brand and identity for their platform, which would be used as a base for knowledge exchange and capacity building for parties involved.



K4RA as a hub for expertise and knowledge exchange to promote reform action across the Western Balkans


efforts of Western Balkan countries in their efforts toward EU accession
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Our design team worked on developing a visual identity that embraced the concepts of change and collaboration.

A color palette was developed based on the colors of the UNOPS logo, flags of Norway and the WB6 countries. From this palette, we developed a visual system that included a logo, typography, graphic language, and composition. The logo has 6 flexible forms to be used depending on the project content.

We also created a series of characteristic elements using circles and blocks, which were used throughout the brand not only the symbol but also a dynamic language from which to compose patterns and different graphics.

All the developed visual elements helped unite all partners and targeted countries for a common purpose: achieving European accession.


The branding is currently being used in the K4RA website, and can be seen here
Høst Projects
Høst Projects
Høst Projects
Høst Projects