Bringing girls to the table: a global ad campaign

World Food Programme

The cover of the online version of the 2015 annual report

While WFP is well-known for its work and contributions during emergencies and disasters, in 2017, it implemented or supported school meals programmes in 71 countries through direct provision of school meals to 18.3 million children in 60 countries, and capacity building to 65 governments, which lead to improved national school meals programmes for another 39 million children. They needed a print and online campaign in Canada to raise awareness and support for its school meals operations around the globe.

We designed several production-ready ads and build upon the overall strategy developed with the WFP. The ads serve not only as usable deliverables but also as the primary examples of how ads in this campaign would address the brief. The campaign was expanded globally and used digitally, on print, and for other communications materials.

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